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 I am not sure where you wanted our testimonies from The Shift 2015. Here is mine. I am a pastor of a conservative Baptist Church that is seeking Holy Spirit. I have sought God with all my heart seeking an empowerment - i.e. baptism of the Holy Spirit. At The Shift, I received just that. Brian prophesied over me that I would begin to walk in the gifts with power. After Todd spoke I was baptized, but didn't realize what it was. I cried all the way from Dallas to San Antonio after being touched by God's love. I was headed to SA to preach a five day revival at a very conservative and dead church with a strong religious spirit cast against it. God came over me in such a way that I was filled with amazing love for Him and His people and His churches. I began to walk in the prophetic, words of knowledge, wisdom, etc. My teaching was beyond my own understanding because Holy Spirit started teaching through me. The religious spirit was broken through the Love of Christ. Miracles also were happening. On on occasion, one man's hand was healed through a dream one night after I preached. God told him in the dream He had forgiven and purified him of the evil He did with the hand. Both hands were captured by psoriasis, the left the hand that had done the evil was completely relieved and healed. His skin was as soft as a baby's. God also cured fears and brokenness in many hearts. He revived marriages and most importantly He revived love for Jesus. There were seas of people at the altar getting right with God in San Antonio through what God did in my at The Shift. I start preaching at my church tomorrow and my prayer is that the fire that began at The Shift will start in our "spirit seeking" Southern Baptist Church. Keep up the great work and keep seeking God. His love is more amazing than we will ever imagine for love is the currency of the kingdom! I do love you all and it was a pleasure getting to know you and worship with you. I look forward to the next SHIFT, which I pray for me will be a deeper shift.

In Him, **** *****


From Jason:

God touched my brain. Thanks for all the prayers. Was an experience I'll never forget.




From Liz:

Dear Tabernacle Dallas, I sure wish I could brag on God healing this or that in my body.  I can't - yet.  I certainly can brag on God for Truth and how He opened my heart to the truth I've been longing and praying for.  See, living in Tucson, we didn't know anything about you guys, or "that football guy" (Brian Swartz).  We only wanted to come hear Todd White speak.  God hadn't 'introduced' us to Todd White via YouTube until after he had come to Tucson this past January, so when my husband said 'if he comes around locally we can go see him'.  When I checked his schedule and found he was going to be in Dallas, I figured, "well, hey, that is closer than Switzerland, right"? 

Anyway, that's how we connected with you guys.   You guys are awesome!  The worship was....sweet, just sweet, powerful, annointed, sweet.  That brought the annointing which, for me, broke the yoke of bondage (to unbelief, doubt).  We didn't know who 'that football guy' was, but while he spoke, the Holy Spirit poured out truth, blessings, faith, confidence.  I am still processing it all.  Both of the teachings Brian Swartz did were direct answers to prayer for me as to "why am I so frustrated???", and to have more of God, more of His heart.  I will avoid all the details of what God has been doing in my life since He moved us from a Baptist church to a Penticostal church a year and half ago, but I can say God showed up in a powerful way at your Shift conference.  He answered prayers, gave me direction, showed me truth for me through the conference you all put together.  Thanks you so much for hearing from Him and serving Him and inviting Todd White to speak.  Todd's message on rest.....powerful, true - I am not going to forget that anytime soon!  You know how it is, you hear these things and you know it in your head, but at your conference the Holy Spirit showed up with revelation and took me to a whole different level.  I am so grateful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Everyone was so friendly and helpful.  I still remember the smiling faces on the street directing us to parking, the friendly couple who told us where to eat lunch and the commisioning to go out in the area and pray for people.  What an honor it was to have our teenagers with us (and to have someone pray for my shy 17 year old daughter) and to know they were tasting the goodness of the Lord in that conference!  God is on the move and you guys are a part of it.  Thanks for allowing us to experience Him with you! 

In Christ's name, the SOON returning King,



From Eric:

The Tabernacle!  Thank you so much for sponsoring The Shift this past weekend.I'm telling everyone I meet that this has been the best week of my life!

I don't know that I was healed of any specific physical ailments, although one man I was praying with Saturday night was instantly healed of ongoing back issues while we prayed and Todd 

white called out a word about backs and spines.  I have also been sleeping amazingly well and walking in rest, without anxiety -- both issues I have been struggling with in recent years.

More importantly, I left the conference a new man.  The Holy Spirit is just on me every moment of the day and night.  He wakes me up early with kisses and tells me this is how near he is.  I have begun carrying a legal pad everywhere I go because he is constantly pouring out insights into scripture.  He sets me up with divine appointments and opportunities to pray for others throughout the day, and He burdens my heart for intercession.  At night,, I hear Him preaching to me, and in my dreams, I am crying out in tongues.

All this is far beyond any of my past experience, and I can already see the ripples moving through the community and into the future.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  May Jesus be glorified in all of us.  I am praying for you.

Blessings.  Eric 


From Jordyn:


My name is Jordyn! In 2013 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome! Which is a hormone imbalance and it effects everything with my body and would leave me in tremendous amounts of pain daily! It also would cause skin discoloration and extreme weight gain and makes your body insulin resistant! After this diagnoses the Drs wouldn't stop there and they kept researching to find more and more wrong with me! They have kept on running test on me for cushings disease which is a tumor in your pituitary glad! I have the honor and complete privilege to say that I have been healed of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome!!! On Friday night they where praying for the minds and brain and then they started praying for hormones and I felt a release off of my body! On Saturday evening when prayer started again I was in a prayer group with 3 people and I felt all pain and discomfort leave! The next morning when I woke up I looked into the mirror and the discoloration on my skin was gone!!!! The following day no hot flashes and every day since something else has been revealed! Praise Jesus! I am free and not bound to a disease to set my back! My father loves me! I hope to help give other women who suffer from the same thing some hope and that they would see that God is who he says he is and that they can be set free also!




From Ricky:

Hey guys,

I feel like I need to tell y'all something that happened to me but yet I hesitate because I'm not sure it really happened. I'm still unsure or maybe in disbelief that this miracle occurred.

Friday night Brian Schwartz talked about gold dust and gold fillings. 

Well Saturday morning as I was brushing my teeth getting ready for the Saturday morning session to see Brian, I noticed my teeth seemed strange. My black fillings had turned a gold color. I looked at all my fillings and they had all changed to a goldish color. 

What had happened? I told no one at the sessions because was just not sure if it's real or not. Was it a trick of my imagination? Had they always been this color but I never noticed it before?

I showed my family and they we're amazed. They said it was just black fillings the other day. 

I'm still trying to make sense of this and why it would happen to me. I find myself constantly looking in the mirror wondering if it is really real?

Ok, I just thought I fill y'all guys in on this.



Shift Conference

Shift Conference

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