Missions, local and abroad, are a significant piece of The Tabernacle's heart.  We believe that we carry His heart, His love for others who are around us and throughout the world.  He came to give His love so that the whole earth would have a chance for redemption and salvation!  Scripture also tells us that it is His Spirit that lives inside of us and that we actually carry streams of living water that we can release from within.  When we take this love to the dry places, whether that be in corporate america, neighborhood board meetings, the gym, or to other nations, we get to see new life spring up all around us!  It is a thrilling aspect of being Sons and Daughters that lead us to fulfilling destiny and purpose!  



Upcoming Missions

Gary and Leeann:  Russia

This awesome couple are our designated Freedom and Deliverance / Inner Healing ministers at The Tabernacle.  We are extremely blessed to have them in leadership and as a part of the church family.  They have faithfully served the Lord through ministering to countless individuals, bringing freedom and breaking chains left and right!  These two are fulfilling the gospel in every way through the way they choose to live and give of their lives.

In just two months, they will be traveling to Murmansk, Russia to bring His presence while they teach and impart Healing and Deliverance Ministry. What an exciting possibility to think about... empowering and equipping the church in Russia to free the captives and heal the hearts of the broken!!  There is no telling how many testimonies will come from this trip, and the cascading ripple effect that will undoubtedly rush through this Western Russia region.  

If you feel led to give to Kingdom expansion in this way, please click here or visit the "give" page on this site.  There is a designated drop down option that goes specifically towards this mission.  100% of everything given will go directly to Gary and Leeann's trip.  This is such an exciting cause to sow in to!